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The Bespoke Design Service

An exclusive design is developed to customer requirements, colours are chosen from a wide range of fabrics and a toile is fitted to assess the initial design in cloth. When the toile is  approved the garment is constructed, fitted and hand finished. All stages of design development and fitting is completed in our private Studio in the UK. Ideally the following process will take between 6 to12 months, although depending on design and availability of cloth, garments can be fitted and constructed in as little as four weeks.

Visits to the Fitting Room and Design Studio are by appointment only.

(Out of hours bookings may be available depending upon Christine's schedule).

During your first consultation, it can help to bring along cuttings from magazines and any other inspirational  items. A design will be agreed, measurements noted and your design quotation will be issued prior to constructing your toile (design mock-up).  Upon your acceptance a 50% deposit is payable..

Please note that you must bring any specific underwear and shoes you intend to wear for your special occasion to all fittings, so that the fit can be completed accurately.

At the second appointment any alterations to the toile fit and design will be completed. Any detail can be pinned or drawn on to the toile, so that you get a detailed impression of what your garments will look like , making it easier to visualise the final design prior to construction in your chosen cloth.

The design is then fitted in the chosen cloth and any further alterations will be made to the fit. This may involve one or two fittings.

When the garments are completed, any design detailing will be added and a final fitting will be completed during which arrangements are made for the collection of your garments and the remaining balance is payable.

Bespoke Designs vary in cost depending on the type of cloth chosen and the amount of hand finishing required in accordance with your design.

Your design is exclusive to you and will always be handled with the utmost privacy.

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