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Pattern Cutting, Clothing Design, Grading Services

Pattern Cutting, Clothing Design and Grading Services

Industrial services offered are: pattern cutting and design, grading, costing, layplanning, sampling, small quantity production.

Our Bridal Design service for individual customers offers exclusive designs fitted in the Studio for special occasion, bridal, performance pieces etc.The Studio provides an excellent base for assessing designs during the sampling process prior to commencing grading and production.

We can offer a wide range of finishes suitable for a variety of products (e.g. skirts, trousers, blouses, dresses, coats, jackets, in both stretch and woven fabrics).

The staff are highly skilled and handle both stretch and woven fabrics whilst specialist cutting techniques are used to stripe and check match for particular design requirements.

The business can offer high speed turnaround giving a quicker response (24 hours with established clients) and allowing improved stock levels to be maintained for UK based clients, whilst avoiding import duties levied on imported goods.

Customer service has always been a high priority and clients often remark on the speed of response and the care and attention to detail that we offer the customer as a result of our direct approach to commercial product design and manufacture.

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